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Echoes Network is an international network of scholars and postgraduate students from Central and Eastern Europe, who promote creative and constructive dialogue between civil society and religion. Our primary interest is integral social and human development in post-communist countries.

Echoes represent many voices that resonate together. Our platform endeavours to become a place of listening and conversation; a place where voices, no matter how silent, will have a chance to express their distinctive message.


Many countries of Central and Eastern Europe are still undergoing complex transitions, both on the economic and ideological level. The difficulties of these processes are reflected in overall low interest in the common good among the population, which is aggravated by lack of political perspective, and often insufficient democratic standards. Moreover, some countries have passed through wars and conflicts, which has created a deep trauma in collective memory. Therefore, we find that the greatest challenge for our societies is an all-pervasive element of social distrust. Mutual suspicion among different religious and ethnical groups, and lack of confidence in institutions paralyzes social life and impedes the prospect of a common future.

Our Mission

We believe that the integral social development must rest on three main pillars: 1) full and unconditional respect for human dignity and rights, 2) constructive and creative dialogue between different groups within society, 3) cultivation of common responsibilities, mutual trust and cooperation.

Drawing inspiration from our rich cultural backgrounds and diverse Christian traditions, we believe that we can offer a significant contribution to all aforementioned elements. Our aim is to strengthen cooperation between religious, civil and political institutions on these goals, and to support every action that shares a similar vision.

Although many of us are academically and personally involved in the study of religion and theology, we are an international non-profit organization independent of any particular Church and religious institution, as well as from any government or political party.

Get Involved

Echoes Network is open to collaboration with other researchers and institutions. We strongly encourage international networking and joint cooperation in all phases of our projects.

If you would like to join our network, do not hesitate to contact us!